Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I had an encouraging message at the weekend from the Happy Bristoleer. It was nice to hear from him as he has a well established blog for his 410. As there were only ever 79 of us it will be nice to keep in touch with his car so I have added a link on this page to his Short Stories so please take a look.

I have added a picture at the top of this entry showing a period advertisement. I have got a picture somewhere of me in my younger days. When I find it I'll post it here so you can see how much I've changed.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hello from a Bristol 410

Hello. My name is Bertie and I am a Bristol 410 motor car. I am from the 11th generation of luxury handbuilt high performance cars and was introduced to the world in 1967.

After leaving the factory in Bristol I spent my early years in Swansea with Mr Reg Jones, the Managing Director of the Steel Supply Company of Wales. I then spent many happy years travelling around Southern England until I started to show my age. There was a brief interlude while I had a little work done and then having turned from blue to green I found a new lease of life and carried on with my adventures.

I then started to take life a little easier and moved to East Anglia spending time in Norfolk before finding my new friend Neil about 6 years ago and moving to the Essex/Suffolk border. Neil works in IT so has agreed to set up this blog for me through which he will help to record my continuing adventures.

I hope you find my blog interesting and perhaps I will hear from some of my extended family.