Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rare Convertible Spotted

Today was the West Bergholt Vehicle Show. As Neil was walking around looking at the other cars he did a double-take as he came across a very rare Bristol indeed. This is a 1949 Stabilimenti Farina bodied 401 Cabriolet. This superb example is chassis number 208 and is finished in Old English White. These cars pre-date Bristol's own convertible based on the 401 chassis - the 402 - and is one of only 4 bodied by the Italian coachbuilder.

Neil took several photos before returning to retrieve his owners' club members list from the glove-box. Unfortunately the owner wasn't listed so Neil went back to try and recruit them into the club but the car had gone. Neil's hoping to catch up with them at another show where they won't escape so easily!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cressing Temple

I think Neil and I have made up now after I let him down in France. He took me to a show at Cressing Temple and even bought some new polish which he was particularly excited about.

Even though it took place on a showery Sunday, the show at Cressing was well attended and there were enough breaks between the clouds to make it worthwhile going. However, after the third time leathering me down Neil decided enough was enough and left about 2pm. Not before he had spoken to a great many people about me. It was probably the greatest amount of interest he can remember – perhaps there is greater awareness of the marque now or maybe that new polish did the trick.

He has been using me every day for the past couple of weeks because Figgy (see 24 April 2009) has broken his cambelt and needs some new valves. Neil’s daily driver stepped up to replace him so I’ve been doing the daily commute. I have to say that I feel much better for it but with the recent wet weather Neil has struggled to keep up with cleaning duties.

The polish, for those who are interested, is Auto-Balm by Bilt-Hamber. It goes on really sparingly but does a good job of filling the swirl marks in my paint. It’s completely synthetic containing no waxes and is a bit harder to buff up but initial impressions seem to confirm that it’s worth it.