Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wings & Wheels

Last weekend I went to Henham, near Southwold in Suffolk to Wings & Wheels 2010. Lots of interesting cars (although there were no other Bristols) and some spectacular flying. For much of the day a succession of light aircraft used the airfield, but the highlight of the day were the Breitling Wingwalkers - the world's only aerobatic formation wingwalking team.

They performed a breathtaking sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres and handstands whilst strapped to the top wings of Boeing Stearman biplanes. These manoeuvres included, loops, rolls, stall turns and even inverted flight! During all of this, the wingwalkers experience speeds of up to 150 mph and 'G' forces of up to 4G!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Oh I don't like to be beside the Seaside ...

Sunday was the 40th anniversary of the Ipswich to Felixstowe run. However true to form for an English Bank Holiday Weekend the weather was atrocious. Heavy rain and strong winds lashed the park in Ipswich while we waited to set off, and although the drive to Felixstowe wasn't too bad, once at Felixstowe the rain started again and the wind whipped up the sea. 2 other Bristols accompanied me (another 410 and a 411 S4) but we didn't stay long. Neil didn't even get his ice-cream.