Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Fighter in me

A long-standing problem with my driver's door window has finally been resolved. Several attempts have been made over the years to fix a problem with the winding mechanism that recently resulted in the window being fixed in the closed position. Now, following my annual holiday at Bristol Cars Services, I've had both my windows replaced with electric ones!

An option when I was new, "electrically controlled windows" were only installed by special order on a very few of the 79 410s made. I’m also excited because I now have a bit of Fighter in me. Alas not the 8 litre V10 engine or twin turbochargers, but I do have its electric window switches mounted on my centre console.

The new windows have also made quite a difference to Neil's long-standing bugbear about wind noise. It seems the fit of the window glass in the top of the channel is a lot tighter and it stays there without creeping down making quite a difference at speed. I just wish he'd stop playing with them.