Sunday, 25 October 2009

Anti-wind Noise

Neil has always found wind noise an irritation even after having the anti-wind noise kit fitted by Bristol Cars in 2007. That reduced the problem slightly but there was still an incomplete seal around the doors that resulted in a roaring noise above 70mph. Perhaps things seemed better in 1967 when judged by the standards of the day, but in comparison to modern cars – well there is no comparison.

Neil has been pondering the problem on and off, trying various secondary seals without much success, but recently found self-adhesive neoprene strips which he has fitted around the tops of my door frames. The strips are 15mm wide and 5mm deep and quite effectively fill the gap between the top of the door and the door opening.

The roaring noise has now been greatly reduced but Neil still thinks further improvements can be made and will carry on experimenting, but for now high speed travel has become more comfortable. One side effect is that the noise of my engine can be more appreciated and enjoyed by those occupying the cabin.