Monday, 2 May 2011

Blown Away at Felixstowe

A complete contrast to last year’s event, the annual rally from Ipswich to Felixstowe drew waving crowds out into the sunshine complete with bunting fresh from the Royal Wedding celebrations. Neil had his own little Princesses in the car to wave back in the form of his Nieces Nicola and Charlotte, and of course his wife Karen.

What started off as a brisk breeze in Ipswich, had turned into a gale by the time we reached Felixstowe – the East Coast of England taking the brunt of the winds sweeping across the country. Parked right on the promenade I was glad of my aluminium bodywork as the fine seawater spray blew in. Neil and his family took shelter behind a hedge on a nice patch of lawn for their picnic.

Hats off to Martin Bennett in his 411 Series 4 for coming back this year after his first time in the rally last year resulted in a complete soaking. So just the 2 Bristols this time (not counting the 3 Bristol Buses), but thanks to club members Stuart and James for dropping by to say hello. Hopefully James will bring his Beaufighter next time and Stuart’s 409 will be ready soon after.